Green Star GS-1000 Juice Extractor Review

Green Star GS-1000 Juicer Extractor is one of the finest juice extractors in the juicing industry and an efficient food processor. Basically, the produce you have to juice does not matter because this magnificent juicer is able to juice literally all types of produce. The juice produced by this juicer is fresh, nutritious and can be stored for relatively long. Therefore, if you want to juice for health benefits, Green Star GS-1000 Juicer Extractor might be the best choice for you. Its patented twin gear mechanism among other innovative features like low speed operation makes this juicer extract maximum yield, free from heat or oxidation.

Green Star GS-1000 Juicer Extractor Features and Benefits

Patented twin gear mechanism: the mechanism presses the produce and squeezes all the juice out of it at very low speed. This preserves the high quality of juice and ensures maximum yield from the produce.

* Automatic pulp ejection for continuous juicing process and prevents any mess during juicing.
* Easily dismantled and assembled parts that makes cleaning and operating this machine much easier
* The juicer also acts as a food processor besides juicing
* Fine and coarse screens that enable you to control the amount of pulp you want in the juice.

Low speed: Green Star GS-1000 Juicer Extractor operates at a speed of 110 rpm. This speed is helpful in preventing loss of nutritional value of the juice and minimizes the noise made by the juicer during juice.

Juice pitcher, wooden and plastic plunger which ensures that the juice produced is pure.

Pros of Green Star GS-1000 Juicer Extractor

High yields: the juicer extracts more juice from the same produce as the other juicers. This is enabled by its patented twin gear technology

i Ease of cleaning and operation due to its easily dismantled and assembled parts and a cleaning brush.

ii Automatic pulp ejection ensures continuous juicing process.

iii Low level of noise: the juicer’s operational speed is 110 rpm.

Nutritious and fresh juice: the juice is extracted by pressing the produce and thus no heating is involved. Plus its low speed, the juice produced has all the natural nutrients and can be stored for a longer period.

Multi-purpose: in addition to juicing, Green Star GS-1000 Juicer Extractor is also used as a food processor. It can make baby food, pasta, fruit desserts, etc.

The juicer is also capable of juicing leafy greens, tough fiber produce, soft fruits, wheatgrass, vegetables, among others.

Cons of Green Star GS-1000 Juicer Extractor

i The juicer can take longer time to extract juice compared to other juicers though the quality of juice produced by it is worth the time.

Green Star GS-1000 Juicer Extractor Review

A customer of Green Star GS-1000 Juicer Extractor said this on “I bought my Green Star GS-1000 Juicer Extractor three years ago and sure enough, I have never been disappointed like I used to. This is a unique and perfect juicer for anybody.”

Another customer at said; “I’ve been juicing since the early 1990s and more recently, as a certified raw foods associate chef, have been preparing a wider range of juicer recipes including pates and ice cream from frozen bananas. I have experience with Green Star, Champion, Juiceman, and several other juicers, and have read quite a bit about various models of juicers. If you are going to be juicing a lot of greens such as kale and parsley, the Green Star will give you a better and more nutritious yield than any juicer on the market. It far exceeds masticating juicers such as the Champion in this regard, as well as centrifugal juicers such as the Juiceman. A huge benefit of Green Star is that it juices wheat grass, so you will not need a dedicated wheat grass juicer. It’s also amazingly quiet, far quieter (and a bit slower) than my Champion. And like the Champion, it does a great job with pates, frozen ice cream, and other recipes requiring a homogenizing blade, also known as a “blank.” With a slower speed, the juice does not heat up as much as with a Champion and oxidizes slower.”


Green Star GS-1000 Juicer Extractor is an engineered designed juicer made from high quality materials for long time juicing. The juicer’s versatility, ease of operation, and innovativeness in producing high quality and quantity juice makes it the best juicer in the market.